STEM Outreach

UWRT's STEM initiative reaches as much of Columbus as possible and represents a unique niche in the local community.

The team engages in the community by participating in events such as the Ohio State Fair. As a participant in the Ohio State Fair, the Underwater Robotics Team designs and builds an exhibit to educate the local community about marine engineering. This involves smaller ROVs which guests can actively control and engage with in a small pool. The team has also showcased at MakerX: The Columbus Maker Expo, an event showcasing all types of creators! 

The team has volunteered at multiple STEM events hosted by the PAST Foundation. The events are ROV competitions for high school students in the Columbus area and require the creation of a tethered underwater vehicle, technical documentation, and a formal presentation. Team members have been involved with assisting in overall event flow, acting as judges for presentations and documentation, and supporting teams waiting for the run. In preparation for one of PAST’s competitions team members also volunteered as mentors for an engineering class at METRO high school, where volunteers helped teams troubleshoot issues and gave design advice.


The team's booth at the 2019 MakerX Expo showcasing Maelstrom and STEMbot.

Three members of the Underwater Robotics Team giving a presentation about robotics to a group of Boy Scouts at the PAST Foundation.

UWRT visits COSI annually to educate young students about careers in engineering and give small lessons in underwater robotics. These lessons teach concepts such as bouyancy, achieving water tight housings, and basic electronics. 

For future STEM outreach activities the team has created a small demonstration robot, termed STEMBot. This vehicle will be used in classrooms and workshops to show people how great the STEM field is and hopefully inspire young minds to pursue science and engineering careers. 

Interested in having The Underwater Robotics Team visit your classroom or STEM event? Contact