At a Glance

Eddy is a small ROV currently under development by the team. As an auxillary vehicle it will serve several purposes for the team including: a way to get new team members involved, provide new leadership opportunities on the team, and act as a test bed for the team to explore new ideas that we have never tried before. 

Work began in the beginning of 2019 with the goal to have it completed by the end of the year. Before starting requirements were set: the entirety of the bot needed to fit within a 2x2 foot box, act as a camera bot to take footage of the main competition vehicle, and meet all the technical requirements set by RoboSub. For this first year of development it will be limited to an ROV, leaving open the possibility of making it autonomous in the future. Some of the key design areas that Eddy will focus on include: reducing to using only one battery, maximizing the efftciency of the electronics, use a box structure to house the internal electronics, and try out plastic molding to create the wings as shown below.

The team will use the things we learn from this process and apply them on a larger scale to the design of our new competition vehicle. Work will begin on the new project at the beginning of the 2019 - 2020 school year and will take an estimated two years to complete.